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Mission Statement

Our mission statement at Ratto Bros., Inc. is straight forward � to grow the very best of safe and healthy fresh vegetables in California, using state of the art sanitary practices, equipment and production techniques, while still retaining our hands on heritage, ethics and traditional values.


The quality and reliability of the company's products are the concern of every person in the organization and are not just the sole responsibility of Quality Assurance/Food Safety Team Members. It includes the belief that quality comes from the skill, hard work and accuracy of the people growing, harvesting and shipping the product. Thus, all employees have quality-related responsibilities. Quality cannot be inspected into a product but is the result of team effort and diligence.

Our "Grow It Right The First Time" approach is the key to quality production, cost efficiency and customer satisfaction.

To help achieve this objective, Food Safety issues arising in various areas are to be identified and solved with immediate response, technical expertise and effectiveness. The methods employed are continually under review and techniques improved whenever and wherever possible.


Ratto Bros., Inc. commitment is to provide safe and healthy fresh vegetables to our customer.
We expect our staff that manages employees:

  • To adopt and display a positive approach in the Food Safety issues
  • To foster amongst all employees our commitment to high level of Food Safety
  • To assist in the transfer of underlying Food Safety values from Senior Management down to Supervisors and Employees
  • To understand and apply legal, regulatory and company Food Safety requirements, policies and procedures which help ensure the consistency and safety of our products
  • To support and develop our culture of continuous Food Safety improvement, supported by open communication at and between all levels of the company
  • To enhance Food Safety concerns throughout the organization, particularly across the different departments (Growing, Harvesting, Shipping, etc.)


All Ratto Bros., Inc. managers have undergone training in:

  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)
  • GHP (Good Harvesting Practices
  • GAP (Good Agriculture Practices)
  • GMP (Good Management Practices)

Ratto Bros., Inc. is proud to have a "SUPERIOR RATING" from Primuslabs (Ranch Audits & Packinghouse Audit), a leading private auditor of fresh produce companies.

As a signatory to the California Leafy Green Handlers Marketing Agreement, Ratto Bros., Inc. is also proud of its “MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING” certification that attests to our compliance with the comprehensive food safety practices required under the program.


Ratto Bros., Inc. Food Safety Manager has undergone extensive training in:

  • ISO:22000
  • SQF
  • GlobalGAP
  • Primuslabs (Ranch, Harvesting, Packinghouse)
  • GHP (Good Harvesting Practices
  • GAP (Good Agriculture Practices)
  • GMP (Good Management Practices)


Ratto Bros., Inc. has a product recall program in place designed to trace back, trace forward and, if necessary, recall any products that may have food safety concerns or issues from the farm or from the packinghouse. This program is tested internally every six months.


Ratto Bros., Inc. has established a formalized in-house Integrated Pest Management Program that is monitored on a weekly basis. It is part of our Food Safety Program to prevent food adulteration by pests, pest evidence, or pesticides. Ratto Bros., Inc. has several Certified Pest Control Advisors on staff.


Although Ratto Bros. knows that its customers have procedures in place for food safety, commercial and home users are encouraged to wash all vegetables, regardless of the source, before consuming.