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True to our ongoing commitment to providing the freshest, safest and highest quality produce on the market, Ratto Bros. recently unveiled its new 70,000 square-foot cooling and packing house located just minutes from all of our fields. The facility, which went online in the spring of 2004, allows us to more effectively establish and maintain the cold chain.

Post-harvest research has shown that every hour between harvest and cooling reduces the shelf life of produce by one day. This is why we have invested in the best in post-harvest technology, which includes hydro, vacuum and forced air cooling methods. And upon customer request, Ratto Bros. will “top-ice” produce boxes and pallets for shipment.

Having such an array of precision temperature management tools so close to our fields also ensures immediate cooling because we are able to prevent backlogs and eliminate delays in the cooling the process.

Once cooled and cleaned, our produce is moved to refrigerated loading areas, where it is placed on Ratto Bros.’ refrigerated trucks and delivered with minimum interruption to market – typically within hours of being picked.

We at Ratto Bros. are proud of our new facility and being an industry leader in using the latest technology to enhance the quality and safety of our products. We invite all Ratto Bros. customers to come pay us a visit to tour our farm and operations.