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At Ratto Bros. everyone is family. What makes us so successful is our dedicated team of employees - from our farm workers and warehousemen to our truck drivers and office staff.

At all levels, we provide ongoing training and career opportunities. If you are interested in joining our family please contact us at HR@RattoBros.com.

Continuing the Ratto Bros. story: 

With new faces from within and outside, many customers, clients and friends may wonder what is in store for the future of Ratto Bros. After 100 years of successful business practices how will this new team continue the Ratto traditions?

Meet the Re-Visionary, Robert Engle, CEO – What started out as a consulting relationship between CEO Robert Engle and Ratto Bros. soon became more permanent. This transplant from Chicago is determined to increase Ratto Bros.’ company stability, growth and diversity, and keep an eye on upward trends. His re-vison for the company includes growth, change, and profitability. He is focused on what is already within the organization and what it will take to ensure that the company is around for another 100 years. 

Challenge – Identifying the opportunities for Ratto Bros.’ upward mobility with a gap in the generations and existing capacity within the corporate structure. 

 Success – Building teams that promote diversified opportunities, expanding the company footprint, and improving efficiency and customer profitability. His role may have changed from consultant to CEO but his goals for the company have remained steadfast. His ideas stretch from organics and new growing regions to diversified customer portfolios and increases in the use of on-farm technology. Robert sees the impacts of a one-hundred-year multi-generational farming operation and the opportunities in which they can continue to make good business decisions based on fresh ideas.

What’s Growing On? Marshall Sherman, Food Safety – What is the appeal of a fourth generation family farm to a food safety expert with a successful track record all over North America? “The Ratto family is good people; people work a little harder for people who care,” says Marshall of his ingratiation into the Ratto family. His goals include helping his team to make the changes necessary while ensuring that they have the tools to do so-this includes being flexible and adapting to the changing environment of food and company safety. 

Challenge – Dealing with California regulatory issues around water for a new facility. 

Success – Getting the team to understand the need for change and to support his implementation of that change (no pushback as they truly understood the benefits of the change). The excitement for Marshall lies in taking the Ratto Bros. company to the next level of farming and processing. These expansion ideas go hand-in-hand with the preparations for the fourth generation to take the helm. Marshall says, “What we don’t know, we will find out together.”

New Faces, New Ideas, Geoffrey Ratto – First of the fourth generation of Rattos to return to a leadership position within the company, Geoffrey advocates for the community view of the company and the social awareness they have about their Ratto customer family. 

Challenge – Navigating the family dynamics coming in with new ideas from outside of the organization. 

Success – Executing a full-time winter program to significantly expand products available to customers. Geoffrey takes pride in the outward facing Ratto Bros. persona, referencing positive social media feedback on employees and their families and the tight network of customers, clients, and friends both within the Central Valley and across the nation. His goals for company expansion include excitement about a processing facility as a value-added secondary component with a fresh perspective for Ratto Bros.

Continuing Traditions, Anthony Ratto – Being a “good neighbor” and good stewards of the land is a primary concern for next generation Ratto, Anthony. Commenting on the number of long-term employees Ratto Bros. has, says Anthony, demonstrates the company’s ideas on good relations and an environment of dignity and respect. 

Challenge – Managing people, climate and crop temperaments, and the regulations all California agriculture businesses face. 

Success – Validating increases in Ratto Bros. visibility and diversification with the expansion in Arizona. Even as a young child, Anthony was attracted by the idea of working at Ratto Bros. Inspired by a family Christmas card of a field trailer on a ranch, when an opportunity at Ratto Bros. opened Anthony jumped on it. Down the line for Anthony’s tenure with Ratto Bros., he would like to see greenhouses, hydroponic growing, and the introduction of automation for elements of operations.

Next Generation, Nick Ratto – The next generation is coming in strong with positive changes to the work environment and efficiency practices. As one of the fourth generation of Ratto family, Nick cut his teeth elsewhere in the produce world before coming back home to Ratto Bros. This breadth of experience gives him insights and perspectives that broaden the scope of what generations of Rattos did before him. 

Challenge – Identifying where to go in uncertain times but knowing that change needs to happen. 

Success – Planning for the future capacity of full season production with the Arizona expansion. Why back to Ratto? Nick weighed the corporate experience versus the family one and the feel of Ratto Bros. made the choice easy. He works hard but also has time for his growing family. His future view of Ratto Bros. includes increasing their positive working environment, creating longevity for everyone in the “Ratto family.”

Just Joining the Team – Andrew Ratto – As the newest member of the Ratto fourth generation to return to the ranch, Andrew is responsible for maintaining the planting schedule that turns acreage into commodities. He brings his strengths in communication, flexibility, and working with the team to the family business. 

Challenge – Learning the planting side. His experience has been in sales. Fortunately, he says he has a lot of resources from which to learn. 

Success – Inspiration in seeing the collaboration of such a dedicated, long-time group of family and employees owning a common goal – the success of Ratto Bros. Andrew is putting down roots in the Central Valley. Being new to the area, he sees the potential for growth both within the company and in the region. His experiences in the Livermore and Salinas areas have prepared him for joining the Ratto team and making connections here.

Traditions Continued, Frank Ratto, President – Maintaining the Ratto Bros. time-honored family traditions, work ethic, and community relations is newly appointed company President, Frank. Frank has been instrumental in bringing the fourth generation on board and ensuring that the transition in leadership goes smoothly with the integration of new CEO, Robert, positioning the new generation for successes in their futures. He is always mindful of the cherished customer relationships the company has cultivated and the reputation for being the best in the business that generations have maintained. 

Challenge – Dealing with the impact of COVID has been a major issue this year. How do we keep our employees safe while still providing healthy and safe food for the nation? 

Success – Longevity - the fact that Ratto Bros. has been around for so long and has been successful at what we do. “We are a very reliable partner to our customers,” says Frank. “And the dedication of our employees is evident on a daily basis.” The future holds the hope that this pandemic reaches an end. Ratto Bros. wants to continue to grow and operate our business for another 100 years. The company is in the process of expanding the cold storage facility and continues to look at new and exciting ways to enhance their partnerships with new and existing customers. The goal - to be a great solution for all of their customers.

Holding Down the Fort, David Ratto, VP Sales – As is the Ratto tradition, David started as a young kid on the family farms then worked his way through the full farm operations, from driving trucks of produce through the streets of San Francisco to working with the crews to become a “next generation” Ratto. What comes to mind as he thinks of where the new next generation may take the business? The hurdles that have been surmounted: staying competitive in this market with wages as is evidenced in their long-standing employees and the huge challenges of food safety as they continued to expand acreage and facilities. 

Challenge – Pride in the ability of the family to stay in this business together for so long. Throughout the ups and downs of the business, they have always faced the challenge of a family business by working as a team. 

Success – Fulfillment and excitement when customer relationships developed so that their needs were anticipated, the product was prepared and delivered, and the business grew for everyone. As he looks to passing the torch to the next generation, he is very thankful to the generations before him. “They really gave us such a great work ethic,” he says of his parents, uncles, and grandparents. He has enjoyed his time working with Ray and Ron (both retired this year) and what they pulled together to do as a team. One aspect he has enjoyed the most with his customers is the friendships and the on-going personal aspect of the day-to-day interactions. His work is not quite finished with Ratto Bros., however, there is still growth and expansion to come and in his work with the next generation he is excited to see them embrace this challenge.