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The story of Ratto Bros. began in 1905 when Antone L. Ratto, son of Italian immigrants, started a vegetable business on Bay Farm Island near Oakland, California where he delivered produce to customers from a horse-drawn cart.

Antone was blessed with five sons who followed in their father's footsteps to become farmers themselves.

It has been said that Antone and his sons were so skilled at farming that they could magically make the water run uphill to irrigate their crops. And to gaze at a fully loaded Ratto Bros. truck was indeed to witness a work of art - the array of vegetables perfectly arranged by color, as if in a painting.

Collectively, the brothers formed the Ratto Bros. partnership in 1957. Looking to expand their operations in 1962, Ratto Bros. gravitated to the fertile San Joaquin Valley near Modesto, where they added several hundred acres of prime farmland to their operations.

Over the years, the business has built on its rich history to earn a reputation within the produce industry as a trusted and valued partner who can be relied upon to provide the best, freshest produce available.


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Johanna and Antone L. Ratto Sr.