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A Tradition of Farming

1880's - 1920's

Giovanni and Nicolo Ratto

1900's - 1970's

Antone L., Lawrence and John Ratto

1940's - 1990's

John F., Antone L. Jr., Frank J., Raymond A.
and Leonard B. Ratto

1970's - 2020

Ronald A., Raymond A. Jr., David J. and Frank A. Ratto

2020 - Present

David J. and Frank A. Ratto

and the fourth generation:

Geoffrey, Anthony, Nicholas and Andrew Ratto

Left to right: David J. Ratto, Ronald A. Ratto, Leonard B. Ratto,
Raymond A. Ratto, Sr., Raymond A. Ratto, Jr., Frank A. Ratto.

Raymond Ratto and Leonard Ratto at the Stanislaus County Ag
Science Center Hall of Fame Banquet Dinner in November, 2006.
Ratto Bros. was honored at the event.